Sep 162016

lottoWin €500 per Month with The Harps GAA – Third Time Lucky Lotto! The club would like to hear from supporters who may be interested in participating in our new monthly lotto. The draw will be limited to the first 47 names who sign up. Each person will get a random number between 1 and 47 which becomes their number costing €20 per month. The winner of €500 will be determined by the bonus ball in the main National Lotto draw on the third Saturday of the month – hence third time lucky! If interested, please contact Seamus (087) 2797214 or email the club secretary on as soon as possible.

It is intended to have the lotto draw up and running in time for the 15th of October 2016. The following rules apply:

  • The initial setup draw will take place at 9.30pm on Tuesday, October 11th 2016 in Bob’s Bar, Durrow and all participants are invited to attend.
  • All entrants names will be entered into Drum A on the night of the initial setup draw.
  • All numbers (1 to 47) will be entered into Drum B on the night of the initial setup draw.
  • A name will be drawn from Drum A followed by a number from Drum B.
  • That number and name will be paired for every month into the future until the participant notifies the club either in writing or via email that they wish to cease participation.
  • The charge is €20 per month and if your €20 is not received in advance (minimum 1hr) of the draw you will be deemed to have missed the draw.
  • In the event that three-in-a-row draws are missed, the participant is excluded from all future draws and the number can then be purchased by a new participant.
  • The winning number is determined by the bonus ball in the main National Lotto draw held on the third Saturday every month and the minimum prize will be €500.
  • The Harps GAA reserve the right to alter the rules and prizes, including roll-over prizes at any time and each participant will be informed of any changes.
  • All decisions made by the Harps GAA in relation to the draw are final.
  • Any appeal will be heard by the committee of the Harps GAA Club and their decision is final.

Best of Luck, and thank you for your support!